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What is a good life?

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Aside from having a good health, what is a good life to you? I think different people have different take on this.

For me, I don't have to be filthy rich (though if I am, that would be a bonus). I want to have enough to live reasonably. In fact, I think I would appreciate not being able to afford expensive things, and have to save if I want to buy something particularly expensive. The longing for something in itself part of life's enjoyment.

Having a good life means not having to go to work. Here, I am probably different from many people, as many people regard going to work as part of life. But I'm the type who look for a life without bosses or customers, no products to sell and no service to offer. I work towards having such a life, and for me, that is a good life.

When it comes to priorities, different people have different priorities for a good life. For some, vacation is an essential part of a good life. It used to be that I enjoy travelling very much. But nowadays, I find my priorities have shifted, that I don't look forward to travelling, even when it's completely free. Travel no longer feature as necessary for a good life to me.

To have someone who loves you, and to love someone, is for me also an important part of a good life for me now. Again, it wasn't always so. During my bachelor days, I had thought that being as free as a bird is what a good life is about, even though tugging at the back of my mind is that thought that I was missing something. And it turns out to be right, there is nothing like having a life partner. For some people, to be married for life seems like a life sentence, but to me, "until death do us part" feels me with some sorrow, that one day, we would be parted, and only one of us is left on this earth.

Being wealthy doesn't guarantee a good life, but it doesn't hurt to be wealthy. Being wealthy is different from being materialistic. At the same time, being frugal is different from being stingy. I live way below my means, and I am happy. I don't own a lot of things that I can afford, because I do not need these things to make me happy. I see a lot of people trying to buy a good life with money, with possessions and with activity.

To me, and again it's not necessary for everyone, a major part of having a good life is having accomplished something for society. To have done things that money can't buy. It's something that many don't understand, because for so many, their idea of a good life is just comfort and nothing more. A lot of people come to this world and leave it without leaving a trace, a mark or an accomplishment. I mean, not everybody has what it takes, but if we can, we should.

At this point in time, I do believe I have a very good life. Of course, my idea of a good life may be very different from yours.

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