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Tim's EverywhereTim's Everywhere (17 August, 2014)

Hello and Welcome to Tim's Everywhere!

Tim's Everywhere! That's what I have decided to call my official website, aka www.timothytye.com. My name is Timothy Tye, and I am the author of the travel encyclopedia that bears my name. All the pages in this website reflects the world according to me. This website which you're visiting traces its beginnings to 2003, when I develop an interest in travel. From then to now, I have been tourist, traveler, trip organiser, tour leader, licensed tour guide, founder of travel agency and lecturer to tour guides. But on this long journey from then to now, I discover what I love to do most, is to sit at home, do my research, and write my own travel encyclopedia.

I am writing to you from beautiful Penang Island, a place famous for its delicious street food and good life. Except for trips to take photographs and do research for this website, most of the time I will be in the comfort of home writing this site.

Today my online travel encyclopedia is housed in two websites, this one (for non-Penang content) and Penang Travel Tips (for all things Penang). Together, they hold over 20,000 pages of information, and receiving over 2 million page views per month.

Updating my websites has become a full time job for me since 2007, when I discovered that my websites can provide adequate means to support me (not much, but enough), and writing my website is the most pleasurable thing I would want to do in life. On 1 November, 2017, I celebrate 10 years of writing my website full time.

It is my great joy to have you visiting my website and using the information I have compiled. I hope the information I provide is useful to you. It is compiled out of my curiosity to know things, even things that may seem very mundane and dull to other people, I find incredibly fascinating.

The easiest way to find information in my encyclopedia is to use the Google Search box at the top of every page. Just key in what you are looking for, and find it in the customised Search Results.

My web content has undergone several domain changes since 2003. In the beginning, the website was called AsiaExplorers. In 2008, I segmented the Penang content from it to create a new website called Penang Travel Tips. Over the following years, I added all my content to the Penang Travel Tips website, including non-Penang content. On 1 September, 2017, I start pulling out my non-Penang content out of Penang Travel Tips and place it into this website, under my own name, Timothy Tye.

The content of my websites is still growing day by day. To keep you abreast of the newest pages and latest updates, I have a window listing the latest development down below.

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