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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Timothy Tye, and it's my great pleasure to welcome you to my own travel encyclopedia. This website is the embodiment of all the travel information I have been compiling since 2003. From a simple site created to fuel my hobby, this website has grown to become my own online travel encyclopedia. This encyclopedia has over 20,000 pages of information today, split into two websites, with more being added every day. And since 2007, it's has become a full time job for me. Some 100,000 visitors come to this site every month, giving it a monthly page view of roughly 2 million. It is my great joy to be able to share with you my body of knowledge, and I bid you a very warm welcome for having arrived here!

The easiest way to find information in my encyclopedia is to use the Google Search box at the top of every page. Just key in what you are looking for, and find it in the customised Search Results.

I started this website in 2003, under the domain name of AsiaExplorers. In 2008, I segmented the Penang content from it into a new website called Penang Travel Tips. Over the following years, I added all my content to the Penang Travel Tips website, including non-Penang content. On 1 September, 2017, I start to relocate my non-Penang content out of Penang Travel Tips into this website, under my own name, Timothy Tye.

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