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The Gospel According to Tim
Through my websites, I am bringing God's Good News to all the corners of the world, even to here, a Buddhist site in Myanmar. Every place needs the Gospel, and everyone ought to know who Jesus is. (26 November 2004)
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Within my country, it is forbidden to extend the Christian message to Muslims. If you are a Muslim in Malaysia, this message is not intended for you.

What's God's Good News?

God's Good News is that you can be with him in heaven after this life is past. It does not matter if you have been sinful, if you have done wrong in the past. Your ticket to heaven is not dependent on any good works that you might do, but on the grace of God. By your own means, it is impossible for your do reach heaven. The penalty for your sin is death. You will have to die for your sins. However, God sent his son, Jesus, to die on your behalf so that, because of Jesus, you can now enjoy eternal life with God.

To receive this eternal life with God, you have to accept Jesus as the one who saved you from your spiritual death. You have to cast aside your own life, and endeavor to live a life that is now pleasing to God.

My Answers To Some Questions

  1. Do I need to go to church?
  2. What's the difference between praying and worshipping?
  3. Do you worship Mother Mary?
  4. Do murderers and gays go to heaven?
  5. My mother passed away as a non-Christian. Is there any way to save my mother's soul?
  6. How big is this universe?
  7. What is time to God
  8. Should I believe in ghosts?
  9. Can I visit temples?
  10. Is it okay to believe in "feng shui"?
  11. How often should I pray?
  12. Can a Christian drink or smoke?
  13. Is it acceptable for Christians to be wealthy?
  14. Should I give tithes?
  15. Can I be a closet Christian?
  16. Is it necessary for me to be baptised?

My websites describe all the places of the world. I write of places where the name of Jesus is rarely spoken. I describe places of worship where people do not know who Jesus is. I write it with a purpose that through the web, that people looking for such information will be exposed to the Good News that God wants me to deliver to them. My mission is to bring the sunshine of God's Good News to every crevices, every corner of the world.

I write this message for the benefit of people who are interested and maybe a bit curious to know about God, but are afraid to ask their Christian friends, in case they end up being dragged to church, to spend one and a half uncomfortable hours, and afterwards made to feel bad and awkward if they refuse to believe.

That won't happen here. Let me get this straight: you don't have to believe. During Christ's time on earth, many have rejected Him, so it's nothing new. My intention is not to convert you. My intention to simply to share the information, to make it known to anybody who wish to know.

Then why am I writing this?

Jesus said: "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation."

That's the reason I'm here, to obey God's command, as expressed in the Bible, in Mark 16:15 above. And what better way to go into all the world than through the web.

Who Am I?

My name is Tim, and I'm God's unlikeliest messenger. Through my websites, I am bringing God's Good News to all who care to listen. Through my travels, I visit all places of worship, not just Christian ones. I also learn about all the gods of the world and I describe them in my websites. How then can I claim to represent God on earth?

God gives each person a gift. A talent. My Christian brothers and sisters may be able to do many things better than me - for example pray in public, preach on the pulpit and many more Christian-looking things - I have a God-given gift, which is, I take to the web like duck to water. Through my websites, I reach out to thousands of people every single day. My sites have open doors for people from all walks of life to come to me. They come looking for information, and my sites provide that. With the web, I go into all the world and bring the Good News to all creation, just as God has commanded me to do. So, in my own unique, unorthodox way, I too am God's Instrument of Salvation.

But who is this God I keep talking about? Well, let me introduce Him to you.

Who is God?

Before I introduce God, let's get one thing clear: if you're a person who doesn't believe that God exists, and no amount of persuasion can make you change that belief, then stop reading. You are wasting your time and mine. On the other hand, if you do not know God, but are willing to know, then I can help you to know Him now.

Who then is God?

When I say God, I'm not talking about the Christian God or the Muslim God, or the gods of all the religions of the world. I am referring to the Almighty that created everything on this earth and in this universe. Without God, there is no earth, and no life on earth. Without God, there is no sun and no moon, no stars in the night sky, indeed no sky and no night for that matter. Without God, there is no beginning of time and the end of it. Without God, there is no man to make the chair that you sit on, or the words that you are now reading, and I will not be here, telling this to you. Everything that is, that was, and that will be, they all exist because either God created it, or God allows it to be.

You have gone through life, and you have worshipped a lot of beings who claim to be God. Some times, you may even have worshipped beings that do not claim to be God, from stones to tree to Britney Spears, that you have forgotten the One who created the stones, the trees and Britney Spears is waiting for you to worship Him. And since He is such a patient God that is slow to anger, He allows you to continue your life, so that someone somewhere will have the chance to introduce Him to you.

But many will go through this life, and never know Him. Even worse, some will have known Him, but outright rejected Him. Let me tell you this: if you reject God, it is no loss to Him. Truly, the loss is entirely ours.

But what benefits to know and accept God when life goes on whether or not we accept God?

What's in there for believers?

God promises me something that I cannot have in this world: eternal life. If you believe in God and follow Him, you will have eternal life. Not on this earth, but in the Heaven to come. This is why I share this message, because God wants you to have this eternal life, to be spent with Him.

But how can I be sure there is eternal life? I trust by faith. If God says there is eternal life, then by faith I trust there is.

If your belief so far is that there is no such thing as eternal life, that once we die, that's the end, then a belief in God is not relevant for you. But isn't it a shame if you are wrong? By the way, in your life, have you once been wrong before? Have you ever taken a wrong turn, gotten an answer incorrectly in an exam, said the wrong word, done the wrong thing? Well, God has never been wrong before. If I were you, I wouldn't trust my faulty judgment.

Is it necessary to be a Christian?

Don't be offended by this, but I think it is pretty tough for me to reach heaven (or Nirvana) as a Buddhist, or as a Muslim, Hindu or anything else. Let's take Buddhism. In order to reach Nirvana, I need to ascend every level of being. I have to do good, so much good that it takes me all the way to the top. Perhaps not in one life, but in many, many lives. In other words, I have to be like Buddha himself.

Now let me face reality. How can I be like Buddha? I can't even get 100 marks in my exams. There are so many things I want to do, but I just can't do it. As for achieving the perfection of Buddha, I am a sure underachiever. So if I am going to go to heaven based on my own merit, I have no hope. And neither does most people - most, as in the billions and billions of people in this world, only a handful will reach the level of merit of Buddha. And they will end up in Nirvana perhaps. Certainly not in the Christian heaven. And why not?

Because God has already told me, that despite all the good works I can do, by my own effort it is impossible for me to reach heaven. To spare me the effort, God Himself has told me, in the Bible. Me and everybody else. Why? Because all the good that I can possibly do, is simply not good enough by God's standard. So what hope do I have in reaching heaven?

God. My only hope is in God. That despite all my failures, He would open a way for me to reach heaven. Knowing that by my own effort, I will surely be on the direct flight to hell, God does something that only God can do: He sends a proxy, someone to take my place, so that I can reach heaven not by my own effort, but by Someone Else's. But considering there is no person on earth who is good enough to save me, He sends an immortal, His most precious gift, His Own Son, Jesus Christ, to be my Saviour.

Who is this Jesus Christ?

From Buddha to Muhammad, every one of them tells you to do good. So why is Jesus Christ any different from all the rest? Well, unlike Buddha or Muhammad, who were born human, Jesus Christ is not human. He is the Son of God, in immortal, that comes into the world, born out of Mary, a human, to take on the form of man, and to fulfill one single purpose: get me to heaven.

God knows that without Jesus Christ coming to rescue me, I will be going to hell for sure. But how does Jesus Christ rescue me? While the others either show me the way, or tell me his is God's messenger, only Jesus Christ has come to rescue me.

The main reason why I cannot reach heaven on my own effort is because I am not "good enough". And, I am "not good enough" because of sin. Let me describe it metaphorically. Imagine that each of us are born with a sheet of white paper. Sin is like a stain on that paper.

To enter heaven, I have to present a paper as a perfectly unstained piece. It's the visa into heaven. But I can't - from the day I was born and perhaps even before, my paper is stained. My mother was born with a stain on her piece, and so was my father. And right down my generations, each of us has a stain that we cannot get rid ourselves. So what does Jesus Christ do?

Of all born into this world, only He has an unstained piece of paper. Now He comes to me and offers me his unstained paper, and tells me my only hope to enter heaven is through presenting this piece of unstained paper.

As for me, I accept His offer. In exchange He takes my stained paper. Now, He continues to offer His perfect unstained paper to anybody who accepts the exchange, and collects all the stained pieces from every human who accepts the trade.

What's the penalty of holding on to the stained pieces of paper? It's death. In other words, rather than me dying for holding a stained paper, He takes it from me, and dies in my place. And I, who deserve death, gets His perfect unstained paper, my visa into heaven.

Now, why would Jesus Christ do something like that? Because He obeys God the Father. And why would God the Father do something like that, sending His only Son to die for me?

Because He loves me. He loves me so much that He does the only thing possible to save me: giving up His only Son to rescue me from eternal death in hell.

So what do I have to do to reach heaven?

There is no simpler way to reach heaven. All you need to do is this:
  1. Accept the fact that you are a sinner, and by your own effort you cannot reach heaven.
  2. Accept Jesus Christ as your personal saviour.
  3. Abandon your old ways and your old gods to accept God as the one and only God.
That's it. Hello, did I forget to mention that to get to heaven, I need to do good? I didn't forget, because doing good is not part of the equation. It doesn't mean that by accepting Jesus Christ's offer, I can continue living my old life, to deceive people, to cheat, etc. God will still reward me according to how I live my life. And now that I have received this so-called Eternal Life Insurance, Jesus Christ gives me a duty, which is expressed in Mark 16:15, to go into all the world and spread the good news to all creation.

What about going to church?

In this age, a lot of people confuse Christianity from Christian traditions. I am not telling you not to go to church. What I am telling you is that going to church does not make you a Christian. If you are a new Christian, I would recommend that you find a church that you will feel comfortable with. There are many churches with many different styles to choose from - go to one which you like. Never allow the act of going to church become more important than God. Going to church doesn't make you a better Christian; observing a close relationship with God and obeying him does.

What's the next step?

God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into this world to die for us, so that by believing in Him and following Him, we have eternal life. Are you willing to believe that? To accept that Jesus Christ come into this world to die for you, and that through Him, you have eternal life? Yes or no? If your answer is yes, then you've passed through the first step in your life with God. I myself belong to a brethren Assembly in Malaysia. If you are in Malaysia, you can visit my list of Brethern Assemblies in Malaysia and find one that is nearest to you. Then contact them, and tell them you are totally new to Christianity, you are interested to know more about God, and to continue your life in Him. There will be someone to help you from there.

Although I belong to the brethren Assemblies, for I worship there, this message is not brought to you from the brethren Assemblies. It comes from me, in my personal capacity, as a front runner in introducing God to you.

I thank you for the time you have given me in sharing the Gospel. It is my earnest desire that you accept God - the whole Heaven rejoices with each new believer. Perhaps one day, I may even get to hear from you.

PS: A Message to Christians

If you are a Christian who find it difficult to share the Good News to your friends, colleagues, etc., please send this webpage to them (http://www.timothytye.com/the-gospel-according-to-tim.htm). In doing so, you are addressing the command given to you in Mark 16:15.
Also, read Be God's Instrument of Salvation.

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